Ooops! What the…???


… I bet most of us has seen this kind of message when we opened a blog post! Raise your hand if you have not seen this… πŸ™‚

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      1. I thought that could happen when someone published a post, but then maybe accidently deleted it because something went wrong, and then posted it again. asch… I don’t know…
        I get more irritated when I try out a new theme, especially on one of my other blogs an another account, and instead of the preview I see a page that only says: “cheatin’ uh?” It’s WP and I think that is rude…

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      2. It is WP… And it usually happens when a blogger deleted a post. I think WP does not immediately refresh the list.
        And I haven’t seen that “cheatin'” message… That’s rude and funny! Hahaha!


      3. WP has a tendency of being “funny” sometimes. Not to say “annoying”!
        But I’ve never seen the ‘cheating-message’ on my photoblog, the one you know of. Only on the other one, and only when I want to see what a new theme would look like.
        WPs advice to us bloggers is actually to have a seperate blog to test new themes on.

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      4. Can’t promise anything, you know! I’m not WP!
        And I’m hopeless! I love trying out new themes. It’s so fun to see how it works and what you can do with it.
        Some people choose one (not only when it comes to blog themes) and then stick to it forever. Well… one a can do that…

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