What are these…?

I dropped by my favorite carwash kiosk yesterday to have my car washed (… Of course, Hehehe!) and I saw this bottle with “flowers” inside soaked in a liquid. I asked the receptionist what are these. Unfortunately, she also doesn’t know.

I am not sure whether these are real flowers or just imitations. And I also don’t know what the liquid is… It might be water or formaldehyde to keep the flowers fresh.

I’ll have my chemist friend do a forensic analysis of this mysterious artifact…!



16 thoughts on “What are these…?

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      1. Pero I’m not quite sure po xD I think we put “Tawas” in the jar filled with water. Tapos, linagay yung flower sa jar hehe

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    1. I’m not sure what it is… Next time, I’ll take it home and do a scientific study on it. It might have been left by the ancient aliens. Or probably, it was unearthed from the Giza pyramid.


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