WordPress: What’s happening?

Why are some of those that I follow are now unfollowed? Is that why I am missing their blogs? And I am now in an awkward situation that I need to follow them again which will be seen by some that I unfollowed them and decided to follow them again.

Has anyone encountered this kind of embarrassing situation? The WordPress reader is not showing all the blogs we follow and now this…! Aaargh!

41 thoughts on “WordPress: What’s happening?

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      1. Yup, I know… And it’s quite awkward sometimes. Let’s just laugh it off… At least we all know that refollows are due to glitches in the system. Hahaha!

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  1. Ah-ha, so now it’s your turn… All I could do is hope my readers understood and would click back for me to pick up on again.
    Try going back to a well-received post of yours and use the Gravatar images to get to some of your favorites. I am always trying to find sites I’ve lost !!

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  2. Yes, I have had several people I was following disappear. I realized I hadn’t seem any posts from these bloggers in a while and when I went to check them out I was no longer following. Not sure how or why this is happening.

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