Courtesy defined…


Courtesy defined…!

… I don’t eat dinuguan (any food with blood in it) if I’m with my Iglesia Ni Cristo friends!
… I don’t order coffee after eating if I’m with my LDS (colloquially known as “Mormons”) friends!
… I don’t greet my friends a happy birthday if they’re members of Jehova’s Witness!
… I don’t ask my Seventh-Day Adventist friends for a game of golf on Saturdays!
… I don’t order food with pork in it if I’m with my Muslim friends!
… I don’t say anything if my friends are doing what the ancient Romans and Greeks were doing, it’s their tradition since birth!
… And I don’t talk anything about religion if I’m with my freethinking friends, we only talk about politics!

Be sensitive with what your friends’ beliefs are if you’re with them… That’s how I define courtesy in today’s society with highly diversified beliefs!

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    1. I think they’re plenty… To name a few, Romans had the day of the fertility festival called Lupercalia which was celebrated on Feb 15 which is now celebrated nowadays as Valentines Day on Feb 14, the birthday of the Roman sun god called Dies Natalis Solis Invicti which was celebrated on Dec 25, the celebration of their sun god on Sundays, the day of the Sun, and the practice of theopagy (symbolically eating a god) from the Greeks passed down to the Romans. There are many more traditions which could fill up a book. History says that these were “Christianized” to facilitate their conversion. 🙂


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