Total Clean Up…!

... So why is this garbage truck not in the House of Senate and Congress? There's a lot of people there talking garbage while grandstanding!

Playing with a President…

The man who was trying to rip my arms out of its socket right there in the golf fairway was the former President of the Philippines, Pres. Fidel V. Ramos (1992-1998)... Why was he ripping it out? If I tell you, you will be dead in an instant! Hehehe!

The Sun and the Clouds…

I always have the sun and the clouds as my subjects in most of my photographs. Anywhere I am, I just look up to see my favorite "models" who are always there to be photographed. I think my daughter got jealous and tried to eat the sun so I could focus my attention to her...... Continue Reading →

Dining on the Streets without the Urban Din…

Pedro 'n Coi is one of the new restaurants at Fishermall, Quezon City. It has a very unique theme that makes you feel that you are eating outside in a city street... Minus the air pollution and the heat, of course! It's menu selections are all Pinoy (colloquial for Filipino), with Adobo, Nilagang Baka, and... Continue Reading →

The Orb of Gold…

As I see the sun fading away in the horizon, I just thought of how wonderful life can be… And I can’t help reblogging this! 🙂

Photo ni Ompong


A wonderful sight I tell you so;
As I gape to the Sun going low;
In sunrise, sunset, e’er a good show;
Believe me, the Sun is always aglow!


The orb of gold upon the sky;
How I wish that I could fly;
If in unison please say ‘Aye’;
As the Sun bids its goodbye!

By Ompong

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Only in the Philippines…

... Where traffic going into the parking lot of any mall is bumper to bumper seven days a week! The parking lots of our malls are ALWAYS FULL anytime of the day on any day of the week! Believe it or not...!

What the??? Is that a….

... Is that an overgrown corrupt politician who have been eating my taxes into his large belly? What a crocodile! Ooops, crocodile is an under statement, it's a T-Rex. We have lots of T-Rexes here alive and living in mansions with private jets and fleets of SUVs. They infest the Senate and the Congress and even... Continue Reading →

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