Why insects are good to eat…


… They contain protein, iron, and calcium with almost no fats or cholesterol. Maybe that’s why insects are so many, they might be originally intended by nature as our food.

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  1. I think they were meant to be our original food source, but since we never ate them in the first place, we found them disgusting.
    If we would’ve ate them since the beginning, we might’ve been gorging on beetles, spiders, cockroaches etc.

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      1. The Soylent Green was a futuristic movie when the food was very scarce. What the government did was to turn dead people into food. I think the actor was Charlton Heston, the same actor who starred in Omega Man. πŸ™‚


      2. The Snow Piercer was about a train that survived an ice age that continuously circle the world. The survivors inside the train were divided into some sort of a caste system where the poor were just given protein bars which turned out to be cockroaches. They rebelled and eventually crashed the train. Only two kids survived from the train crash. πŸ™‚

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      3. Yup, it was a girl and a boy. But the ending left the audience to question whether they will live or not since there was a hungry polar bear who saw them…

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      4. I hope you can find out if the “soylent green” scenario that allegedly happened in russia during world war 2 was true. I read some internet war stories about it before…


      1. I get that, but…
        I’ve read about it. They are very nutricious! A very good protein source.
        And it’s the usual! Things you’re not used to can be hard to even think of intergrating. What people probably never think of, is what shrimps, crabfish etc actually are. Some kind of insects! And most of us eat those and like it. And snails…

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