Four Photos, Four Stories (2nd Season)


The Journal and the Sculpture

My Journal, Feb 15: I saw this statue of an unknown soldier on my way to work. It was made of copper and it was a sight to see.

My Journal, Feb 27: As I passed by the statue of the unknown soldier, I noticed his face the first time around. The superlative details were made astoundingly. I think I will stop by the next time around and write in my journal how beautiful this statue is.

My Journal, May 12: As I stood staring at the eyes of this fabulous sculpture of an unknown soldier, I swear that I saw its eyes moved a bit… And its mouth opened a little wider. I sidestepped… Its eyes followed! I moved on its right side… And its head slowly turned to face me. Goose bumps rose on my skin as I heard it groan saying, “Help me… Help me…!”

As I write in my journal with shaking hands that which I saw, a cloaked shadow with red eyes and a face I cannot describe as I tremble in fear came out of the statue and…


“I found this journal on the footsteps of this sculpture. The last entry was made on May 12 and it looked like the writer was unable to complete his entry. He must be delusional or on drugs when he wrote this. I can’t believe that this sculpture could have moved the way he described it. This man has definitely went out of his mind!”

As the man started to leave, he suddenly heard a whispering voice that seem to be coming out of the open mouth of the sculpture saying, ” Help me… Help me…!” Then a cloaked shadow with red eyes and a face that cannot be described suddenly enveloped the man who was still holding the journal he found at the footsteps of the statue.

Today, the journal can still be found lying at the footsteps of the statue of an unknown soldier…

A lot of thanks to Lou of Taking A Deep Breath for nominating me to the “Four Photos, Four Stories” challenge. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I noticed his eyes too? Are you sure you didn’t photo process that? Never seen a sculpture with vivid eyes like that – they are normally blank. Hala, you will be dreaming of him tonight.

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    1. The eyes are like that for real… The statue is actually located in the corner of Makati Ave and Paseo De Roxas. Madalas ko madaanan going to the office. ๐Ÿ™‚


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