I Second the Motion…!

This is my second post to the Daily Post's "motion" weekly photo challenge. And I think it is best to name this blog as "I second the motion..." Hehehe! In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Motion."

The Five Prophesies: The Day When the Earth Shall Stood Still…!

1 Men shall cease to work and shall sit upon thrones made out of the earth's bounty; 2 Women shall gnash their teeth in anger for their men shall be like sloths on that fateful day; 3 Suffereth not the children for they shall reap those meant for men, for men shall sit still with... Continue Reading →

Kentucky Fried Chicken… In the Philippines

One of the good things about globalization... The world has gone smaller. Almost anything from another country can also be found in some place else. In the Philippines, a common sight in most neighborhood in the city is the Kentucky Fried Chicken. Like McDonald's and Starbucks, KFC has hundreds of stores in the country and... Continue Reading →

Street Photography: Bus Sardines

Have you experienced riding a bus with no aircondition packed with people who are sweating and smelling due to the hot weather in the city for three hours in a traffic jam at 12 high noon when the sun is at its hottest? This is hell called the "city budget bus"... It's a usual scene... Continue Reading →

In Motion to Motion for Motion!

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Motion." I was thinking what image to photograph to describe "motion". So I thought of capturing the lights in motion on the road. The red and yellow lights were the vehicles in front of me, the white and the orangy lights were the road side lamps... Continue Reading →

Tired of the Marvel Heroes?

Are you tired of watching Marvel superheroes? ShoeMart (SM), one of the biggest chain of malls in the Philippines, has recently held an exhibit showcasing DC Comics superheroes. Most of these figurines are collections of avid fans of the DC characters and were only lent to the mall for exhibit. The exhibit is now ongoing... Continue Reading →

Manny Mania in Manila…

Here in Metro Manila, everywhere I look I see Manny Pacquiao. On billboard ads, in television commercials, on merchandize, on T-shirts, and even on walls. As I was going home yesterday, I saw this half-breed bus-dyipni like vehicle with Manny's face on it... With such popularity, Manny could win the presidential race in the Philippines.... Continue Reading →

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