The Tees and Greens…

One of the things I enjoy when out hitting balls is the real color of Mother Earth... The greens on the fairways and the sweet blue sky. Once in a while, I leave the dull gray colors of my city made of bricks and stones and have fun playing with the grass, the trees, the... Continue Reading →

The Skies Undisturbed…

These are one of those times and places where I can photograph the trees and the sky with none of those man-made photobombers around... Mother Earth is really the only planet in the universe that can give us such a picturesque view... As of now! We may never know what the future may bring, a... Continue Reading →

Fleeting Glimpse…

a lady in black! she walked right across my path, a beauty I glimpsed In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Ephemeral."

TRIFLES in Macro aims to put things with little or of no value into "bigger perspectives". Yes, they are just every day things that we often miss or don't even care to look at in a more detailed fashion. It's just one of those items that can be easily replaced or sometimes only used once... Continue Reading →

The Tiny Jet in the Sky… (haiku)

On my way home today, the traffic was heavy as usual. As I pass through the Buendia Flyover going to EDSA inch by inch, I saw this airplane ascending to the clouds... And a haiku quickly formed in my mind... the plane ascending! towards the western sunset, so small up above

The Sunset and the Photobombers

One of the things I don't like living in the city of men are the wires and cables hanging almost everywhere. Unlike Singapore where their cables and wires are buried and hidden deep beneath the ground, the airspace of the Philippine urban areas is full of these "danglers", as I call them. Sunrises and sunsets... Continue Reading →

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