Paranoia is a mindset that someone out there is a threat, someone is out there to get you…!

Although it is an irrational behavior sometimes, paranoia is a thought process usually taught to “spies”, assassins, and the Secret Service agents themselves to put these people on “high alert” at all times.  But to ordinary citizens like us, paranoia is often times a case of mental disorder, of falsely accusing someone is out to harm you. It’s a bug hunt… and the bug does not exist! It’s chasing shadows but the shadows you see is actually yours!

A classic example when one feels that he was being followed is portrayed in the photograph. Imagine this… A vehicle started to follow you from the bank, after you have made a significant cash withrawal, until you reached your house. Panic may set in with a thought that the passengers of the vehicle is out to rob you of your money.

… Only to realize that the passengers are your neighbors who also withdrew money from the same bank where you’ve been. And that, my friends, is paranoia!

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