Vlad Dracul’s Tower


I often see the top of this building every time I pass Makati Avenue going to Paseo De Roxas going home. The design of its uppermost floor, which I find “eerie”, reminds me of Vlad Dracul’s castle… Vlad Dracul, the Impaler, where the Dracula myth came from.

I used a 270mm lens in manual focus with an aperture of f/3.5 with both the shutter speed and ISO set to Auto to capture this photo. The building is more than a kilometer away from where I am.

It is called the “Shang Grand Tower”, a residential condominium located at Perea Street corner Dela Rosa Street in the Makati Central Business District.

It has a height of about 180 meters (590.55 ft) with a floor count of 46 above ground and 4 stories below ground. Its floor are is estimated to be 768,000 square feet with 7 elevators. The cost of building this structure was a staggering Php2 Billion or about US$48 Million (US$1: Php42).

I just wonder… Is a descendant of Vlad Dracul staying at this topmost floor who only comes out at night?

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    1. I liked it too… Though it looks like a castle out of Transylvania. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your appreciation… It was cloudy that day and it was past 6pm. The clouds behind the architecture gave it a “Gothic” mood. Cheers!

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